Dave in Pictures


Update 12/20/09 - Due to various issues with the gallery program, it has now been removed.  I am currently researching other options for displaying my photography online.  Once I've found something that works, I'll post a link here.

Update 3/22/08 - I now have a new gallery program online that I'm currently testing. You can find all of the previous desktop images present in the archive there as well.

Greetings! Desktops.idlecircuits.com is currently down for a complete overhaul. Simply put, the site just wasn't really working how I wanted it to, the license thing was annoying, and everything was years out of date. So, I'm currently in the process of deciding what I want to do with this site, and until I implement something new, you're stuck looking at this somewhat uninspiring page. I know, I know, I hate "under construction" pages as much as you do, buit this is less of that, and more of a "this site is down while I decide whether to bring it back" kinda page. And fear not, it's not totally useless!

Case in point - if you're looking for the photo desktop backgrounds that were on this site, you can download them all in a 7MB or so zipfile here. And here's a bonus pic from my rarely-used DeviantArt account.

Anyway, look for something else coming soon to replace this placeholder page - hopefully, a much more useful site where I can do a much better job of displaying my artwork.

      - David